Are you a Business Designer with future-vision lenses?



We are on the lookout for more colleagues in our team - people who can shift perspective from the present to far in the future, and back. Details and the big picture. People who can see things from different angles and with new eyes. 


Are you an experienced Business Developer or Consultant within strategic and sustainable business design and solutions? Do you believe that building profitable business models is only possible through creating customer value while designing sustainable digital solutions? 

Are you interested in VISION thinking, business and digitalisation STRATEGIES as well as HANDS ON collaborations and planning TOGETHER? If so – then we absolutely need you to join our team!

As a Business Designer at Solita you aim to create impact by looking at service development through business lenses. With Solita’s Design & Strategy team, you design new business models and strategies in collaboration with our clients’ business, stakeholders, consumers or service users. You are in a key role defining the business and project goals together with our clients. 

You are an integral part of co-designing the services and business plans, and build the business internal and external interactions into a working whole, often aiming for the bigger picture, creating a sustainable digital ecosystem. Together with a multidisciplinary team (for example a strategic advisor, service designer, an information architect/data engineer, a software developer and a data scientist) you make rapid experimentations to develop ideas and need of improvement into a viable business. Read about our thoughts on business design and role of design in strategic management.

The Top 5 Skills We Are Looking For:

  • You have gained hands-on business experience through leadership  or development roles. Your experience is complemented by a degree for example in business, technology or enterprise design.
  • You have no trouble in switching viewpoint from details to a bigger picture, from one subject matter to another. You are able to discuss with ease with different people from business executives to end users of a service. 
  • You have strong analytical skills and you master both quantitative and qualitative analyses. Your creativity helps you see the possibilities of data and your logic helps you to identify cause and effect relationships.
  • You have experience in business consulting, strategic planning and/or business reporting. Understanding business logic and modeling using appropriate tools is natural for you.  
  • You are interested in understanding humans, behaviours and how we all can collaborate better. You are curious and you have the courage and ability to think differently and challenge the status quo. 

Experience, vision and interest towards business and service design, digital ecosystem thinking and collaboration structures is seen as a significant advantage. 

We’re building a better future for us all 

Solita Design & Strategy is a multitalented community of over 140 strategy consultants, designers and business transformation makers, who are driven by human insights and behaviour. We work with both our Swedish and international customers in their spaces or our communal spaces in Stockholm, Göteborg, Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, Tallinn, Copenhagen & Brussels. Together with the rest of Solita’s diverse technology experts, we show the direction in which services of the future are designed and built. Read more about our expertise.  

Solita is a workplace where you will always find a more knowledgeable, multi-disciplinary peer to spar with. People join us to become a part of a diverse community of experienced professionals and continuous learners. And people stay for the same reason. At Solita, you will find an easy-going work culture where you can be yourself no matter who you are. We offer support for our people both in work and also when life happens.