Thesis: Exploring Low Code Opportunities: Best Power Platform Value



Power platforms: Study and interviews on power platform users; conditions needed for best advantage. 


Power Platform

Low code is a loosely defined way to produce new solutions in a more productive way. Non-identical tools and platforms are used in different organizations and it’s hard to compare these approaches and tools with each other without a deep understanding of the technology and related business needs. Solita is interested in benchmarking different solutions made by Microsoft’s Power Platform.

Research questions

We will refine the final research framework and objectives together with you but here are the types of things we are looking for:

  • A thorough review of the various ways organizations use Power Platform
  • Comparison on how different organizations view the limitations and benefits of Power Platform features: What works and why?
  • Benchmark: If these organizations are pleased with Power Platform, are their reasons similar, comparable, different?
  • Are there any cultural or organizational prerequisites for successful Power Platform usage

Your research plan draft can utilize the above foundation but we welcome your input and ideas as well. Please explain your proposed research approach to us in detail. Also let us know why this area interests you and how your background is a fit for this specific topic. Tell us about your vision and passion in this arena.

Here’s what we’d like you to include in your thesis proposal:

  • About you: Tell us about yourself and your background in your own words
  • Years of study behind and ahead
  • How your experience and studies relate to the topic
  • Describe your future career aspirations
  • Proposed duration, preferred start and end dates
  • Why you find this topic interesting and how you’d see it benefit Solita in the future

We go through every application and consider each proposal sent to us. If you are invited to an interview, there are typically two rounds of discussions with you and your potential thesis sparring buddy from Solita.

We’ll agree on terms and conditions together during our discussions. We at Solita appreciate the effort you put into your thesis, and we have a nice compensation plan for all thesis projects completed with us.

We’ll review your proposal soon. We’ll find the right expert internally to discuss your thesis idea, which might take a moment. But please be patient; we’ll do our best to reach out to you in a few weeks.

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